Design Build Helps Simplify the Custom Home Building Process

When it comes to residential construction projects, there are many different contractors and professionals involved, from architects to engineers to general contractors. However, there is a type of contractor that can simplify the process for you: design-build contractors.

Design build construction, also referred to as design & build, is a different, more streamlined approach to residential construction projects. Design build projects bring the architectural designer and the general contractor together as a team from the start, and they work as a team for the duration of the project's design and construction phases. The design build process creates better communication throughout the project, leading to turnkey project delivery, cost-saving decisions, and faster completion of construction. Design build construction is fast becoming the preferred method for homebuilders in Southern Utah because it allows us to build a robust and communicative relationship with our clients and saves both parties time and money.

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The Design Build Process

When you work with a residential design build firm to build your home, you work with a team of designers, architects, and a general contractor to make your dreams a reality. From the beginning, the designer, architects, and general contractor work together to understand your vision and point out challenges, cost-saving measures, and more feasible alternatives to ensure that your home plans are the best they can be.

The design build process also produces one contract and a single point of responsibility. Homeowners work with one team throughout the design and building process, creating a more collaborative and transparent process that benefits all parties.

In the past, design-bid-build has been the construction delivery standard. In this model, you work with a design team to create plans for a home. After your plans have been designed and completed, you put your project out for a bid and decide on a general contractor to construct them. You hire a contractor based on their proposal. Your contractor was not involved before submitting their bid, and they did not participate in the planning and thus have little say on any changes, even if they would be improvements or save money and time.

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Advantages of Design Build Construction

Building your dream home can be a stressful experience and can be exacerbated when you need to work with a separate design team and general contractor. Design build construction ensures that you work with one team throughout your entire home-building process, and you don't sacrifice or lose your priorities and needs. You need only be concerned about one contract and a single point of contact throughout your experience - your design build team.

Our residential design build team works together to ensure planning and building meet your goals, whether architecture, energy efficiency, building materials, or home automation. Regardless of your dreams, the design-build delivery method saves money, time, and headache.

Design Build Contractors Save Money

Home design build projects establish a total budget based on your initial budget. Setting the budget upfront lets each party know the maximum amount to spend and removes last-minute or added surprises and cost estimating. The initial project may seem more expensive upfront, but there is more flexibility throughout the project for cost-saving methods and decisions. Research shows that design-build projects are better able to stay within budget than the traditional design-bid-build.

The Design Build Process is Faster

Because you eliminate the bidding process and the creation and management of multiple contracts, design build homes are finished faster than their traditional counterparts without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Additionally, when the design team and contractor work together, the design and building process is smoother, project scheduling is simplified, and construction can begin sooner.

Design Build Projects Are Less Risky and Have Fewer Mistakes

Design build firms have fantastic client reviews and successful projects because everyone is on the same team working for the same project goal. Design build projects are more conducive to communication, collaboration, and teamwork, which improves the overall project experience and leads to less risk and fewer mistakes. For clients, having a single point of contact for the entire project is helpful and reassuring. It allows clients and contractors to create a relationship of trust and increased accountability.

Choosing a Design Build Contractor

Finding a design build contractor with an experienced and collaborative team that is organized, prepared, and ready to answer your questions and begin your project is crucial. Successful design build firms are good communicators and listen and clearly explain methods and procedures. When you choose a design-build contractor, make sure there is potential for a strong working relationship. 

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Evaluate Design Build Contractors' Portfolios and References

Take the time to look through the design build company's portfolio, including photos and descriptions. If possible, tour their recent builds or visit their showroom. Take the time to read reviews and feedback from other clients. If they were referred to you by a friend, ask specific questions about their likes and dislikes about their experience, and seek out opinions and recommendations from others you trust.

Compare Quotes from Residential Home Contractors

As you build the home of your dreams, you will want to get quotes from a few different contractors. Each quote should generally break down as follows:

  • The work they will do
  • The cost of materials
  • The cost of subcontractor work
  • The timeline

When you compare quotes, make sure that each section includes all costs. Remember that if you compare design-build quotes to design-bid-build quotes, the latter may have many hidden costs and a longer timeline.

Examples of Design Build Homes in Southern Utah

Design build homes can help your dreams become a reality. You are not confined to a design-bidding process that may force you to cut elements that are important to you. Instead, your design build team works with you from the outset to incorporate what you want into your dream home.

Soaring to New Heights in St. George, Utah

In this unique, custom build, the homeowners wanted to incorporate a climbing wall in their main living area. This rock wall became a focus for the home's design and blended into other design elements inside and outside. The design build process allowed homeowners to integrate their dreams of a rock wall, swimming pool, and open concept without sacrificing style or functionality. 

Unparalleled Views in Hurricane, Utah

This custom build focused on the lot's beautiful views and surrounding scenery. The design build process meant that the homeowners worked closely with the designers and contractors to ensure that windows and view lines were not compromised during the design and construction process and a sustainable design was created.

Exceptional Quality in Ivins, Utah

This home design-build project allowed homeowners to request and receive quality interior design and exterior finishes without sacrificing their budget. Superior home design construction is internal and external, and the design build team incorporated stunning landscape design.

Choose the Best Design Build Company in Utah

For homeowners looking to build a new home, you can save time, money, and hassle when you choose design-build for your next home construction project. Choose a design build company you can trust. For over 35 years, Dennis Miller Homes have placed honesty, communication, and genuine care into their outstanding design-build construction company in Southern Utah. Dennis Miller Homes are one of the best design build companies in Southern Utah. Offering custom home plans and an exceptional home-building experience in St. George, UT, Ivins, UT, and Hurricane, UT. Contact us today to learn more about our design-build services. 


Design build contractors offer many benefits for clients looking for a one-stop solution for their construction projects. From streamlined communication to cost savings and improved quality control, design build contractors can simplify the construction process and deliver a high-quality end product.