8 Essential Custom Home Features

If you are ready to design a new custom home but feel overwhelmed by the almost limitless ideas for building a house, take a deep breath and start with the basics. Consider making a list of your new home must-haves, and try not to get immediately sucked into tiny details and all the personalized home finishes. Instead, think about your new custom home as a whole and visualize your space's big picture and overall look and feel. Focusing on the following eight essential custom home features will help when building a new house near St. George, UT, and provide new home construction ideas.

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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Designing a custom home is a significant investment and often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it is crucial to incorporate custom home features and enhance functionality and personalization when creating a unique home. Custom home planning pays off in the long run, particularly in Southern Utah, where you can incorporate striking natural scenery and beautiful weather for much of the year into your everyday living space. Whether you are looking for cool house features or new house must-haves, here are eight essential features to consider as you build your custom home. 

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Energy-Efficient Design

Energy efficiency is one of the top modern home-building trends that will only grow in popularity as we look to preserve our earth and mitigate our environmental impact. When compiling your ideas for new home construction, energy-efficiency products, appliances, and systems should be considered. Energy-efficient design incorporates sustainable, eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient construction techniques. Some of the most popular sustainable features for custom homes also save you money in the long run by reducing energy costs and lasting longer. They include:

  • Maximizing natural light and ventilation with large, high-quality, double-paned windows and sun tunnels.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and high-efficiency heating and cooling (HVAC) systems.
  • Appropriately insulating roofs, basements, and exterior walls.
  • Energy-efficient power options include solar panels, home battery systems, and EV charging stations in the garage.
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Open Floor Plans for Custom-Designed Homes

Open floor plans continue to be one of the most popular choices for customized living spaces and allow you to create a beautiful area that is both inviting and multi-functional. 

New home ideas: The advantages of an open layout

Of all the trending custom home design ideas, open layouts or floor plans are very popular for various reasons. They allow for more natural light, making your home feel more extensive and inviting. This feeling is enhanced when you have vaulted ceilings. Open floor plans of luxury custom homes also create a seamless flow between different living areas, which allows for better traffic flow, better space for entertaining, and increased interaction with other family members. 

Building a custom house to suit your lifestyle and preferences

The best part about personalized home design is that you can customize anything, ensuring your "must haves for home" wants list is integrated into your new home's design including your custom floor plan, making it work perfectly for you. Everyone's needs, desires, and hobbies are different, and you can have functional home elements with rooms that suit your needs, whether it is a home office, a cozy library, or an indoor rock climbing wall. With Dennis Miller Homes you are not constrained by pre-made floor plans and cookie-cutter designs, instead, we can create a custom home that is truly unique and made just for you.

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Smart Home Technology Integration

Integrating smart devices and automation systems into your home is another popular trend for new home design. Smart home technology can control lighting, security, temperature, entertainment systems, garage doors, and more, all from your phone or designated device, enhancing your home's convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Smart devices also allow you to control remotely, so when you are away from home, you can check to ensure you turned off the lights and lowered the temperature on your AC before leaving. Innovative home technology is a customizable feature that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Storage Solutions for Custom Homes

If your must-have home features an open concept, you do not have to sacrifice storage. Your custom home builder can design closets, cabinets, and shelving to maximize storage space and tailor custom storage solutions to your needs and preferences. Whether it is sports equipment, garage organization, cold storage, or closet space, you can find classy and innovative ways to organize and store your life. Your home builder can help with ideas to incorporate built-in features and organizers throughout your home.

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Outdoor Living Spaces for Custom Homes

Outdoor living space is a must-have for new custom homes in Southern Utah. It is a fantastic way to increase your living space and enjoy the surrounding views and mild climate. Design functional and inviting outdoor areas that create a place for relaxation, entertainment, and recreation. Unique to custom homes include incorporating features like patios, decks, pools, and landscaping. Your ideas for home building extend to your lot and incorporate outdoor living and landscaping.

Upgraded Kitchen and Bathroom Features

One of the most exciting things to consider when building a house of your dreams is customizing your kitchen and bathrooms. You can create an exquisite entertaining and cooking area by selecting high-quality fixtures and appliances and customizing layouts to optimize functionality and style. Bathrooms can have a relaxing spa feel by incorporating modern design trends and materials.

Advanced Security Systems for Custom Homes

Installing robust security systems and surveillance cameras and implementing smart locks, alarms, and access control is an extension of smart home technology that can make your designed custom home safe and secure. Prioritize safety and peace of mind for your custom home by including advanced security systems in your new house's design.

Personalized Finishes and Details

Most house-building ideas focus on finishes and details because this is the most visual aspect of your home. With quality custom homes, you can customize architectural elements and design features like archways, double doors, stairways, and more. You also have a first-hand say in choosing unique finishes, materials, and colors, incorporating your personal touches to reflect your style and personality.

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Design Your Custom Home in Southern Utah with Dennis Miller Homes

To make the most when building your dream home, remember to explore and incorporate these eight essential features:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Open floor plans
  • Smart home technology
  • Storage solutions
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Upgraded kitchen and bathroom features
  • Advanced security systems
  • Personalized finishes and details

Consider these features during the planning process, and communicate with your builder your priorities and vision for your build. Doing so will produce lasting benefits and the satisfaction of a well-designed and personalized home. Get started planning your custom home in St. George, Ivins, or Hurricane today with Dennis Miller Homes, one of the top home builders in St. George, Utah, and the surrounding areas. Contact Dennis Miller Homes to learn more.