Solving the Master Shower Conundrum

When people set out to build a custom dream home, one area of the home that gets a lot of thought and attention is the master suite. Most, if not all, want to ensure that their master suite looks luxurious, feels elegant, and is completely functional. Unfortunately, one of the many flaws that we see with new home builders and their contractors is that they either give up functionality for aesthetics or visa versa. Eventually, what is left is a homeowner who is overall displeased with what was supposed to be the nicest part of their home.

The Problem

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve found that one of the main drivers of this displeasure is the master shower. People envision a master shower with all of the bells and whistles: spacious, multiple shower heads, a seat, visual appeal. However, going back to the problem described above, they tend to overemphasize either aesthetics or functionality.

In an attempt to make the master bathroom look luxurious some interior designers will tell their clients to create their master shower out of glass so that the bathroom feels more open. However, who really wants to clean all that glass every time they shower? Others will try and make a big open shower that has plenty of space only to find that the dreaded cold breeze that everyone hates to feel in the middle of the shower becomes a constant. Others will build their new shower emphasizing functionality only to be left wanting when it comes to feeling like they have something elegant and unique.

The Solution

So is it possible to have it all? Here at Dennis Miller Homes, we want to make sure we build something for you that is both functional and eye-popping. Jared, one of our team members, thought about this conundrum when designing the master suite for one of our clients in Sand Hollow. He wanted to give our client something unique, and also make sure they were happy with the product for years to come.

Featured Product

Masterfully utilizing space, this featured master shower was thoughtfully placed behind the jacuzzi tub to make sure the entire bathroom had an open feel. To give the owners something they felt was unique, we designed the shower with two entrances, one near the bathroom entrance, and one near the master closet. With the two entrances, we worried about the dreaded cool breeze plaguing anyone who used the shower.

To combat this problem, we staggered the walls of either entrance in a way that would block any type of airflow. As an added measure of precaution, we also placed heat lamps above either entrance ensuring that anyone taking a shower would stay nice and warm.  Finished off with beautiful modern finishes we were more than pleased with how it turned out; and the owners were too.

When building a new house, it’s easy to design a floor plan that has all the necessary components and call it good. At Dennis Miller Homes we make sure that not only do you have all the necessary components, but that those components are built in a way that is visually appealing and practical to use. When you choose us as your home builder, we won’t be satisfied with the finished product unless you love every component of your home long into the future.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start building!