Custom Home Process: Selecting The Perfect Building Site

People constantly stress over the preliminary processes when building a home–we see it all the time. Who should the builder be, where’s the best location for your home, what does the floor plan look like? With so much to consider it’s easy to become overwhelmed. A select few wont even consider building a custom home because of the stress. Thats why we saw the need to provide simple tools and advice to make the process a breeze. In our latest blog post we gave tips on how to choose a home builder. Realizing we just scratched the surface we wanted to dive in–dig a little deeper and provide you with all the right tools. Our new mini-series called “Custom Home Process” highlights every aspect of the preliminary process when building a home and more!


Good homes miss the mark of becoming great because of little details and missed opportunities. Dennis Miller Homes always pays attention to detail and the land location is our “blank canvas.” Every piece of land offers some hidden treasure that needs to be captured, this is what makes good homes great homes. This philosophy is the foundation for how we design and build.

General Location

The first when selecting a lot is determining what general location you want to be in. There are countless places in Southern Utah that anyone would love living. From Ivins and Santa Clara, to Hurricane and Sand Hollow, there is a place for you and your family. So how do you choose? A good place to start, if you’re raising a family, is to determine what school district you want to be in. You also might consider what St. George amenities, such as grocery stores or shopping malls, you’d like closer to home. Where do you work and how long do you want your commute to be?

Part of the Neighborhood

Once you figure out the general location you want to build, the next thing to consider is where exactly in the subdivision you want to be. Do you want to build close to the subdivision’s access, down in the cul-de-sac, or on a corner lot? If being able to get in and out of a neighborhood quickly is important, you may consider choosing a lot near the neighborhood’s entrance. The downside is that you will experience more traffic. Do you prefer a more secluded lot? Try and find a lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. Many people like corner lots because they are often large. However, one thing to remember is that corner lots often require more landscape and maintenance. Decide what aspects you care about, and go from there.

How the House will be Oriented

As trivial as it may seem, the orientation of your home makes a big difference. Some people who live in colder climates are adamant about not having a house that faces north. They claim north-facing house make it more difficult to keep the snow cleared of walkways in the winter. Although we don’t deal with those types of problems here in Southern Utah, there are still some important things to consider. Are you going to have a pool? Maybe you would prefer a north-facing house so that most the day your pool receives sunlight. On the other hand, if you want a cool place for your kids to play in the summers, a south-facing house will lend more shade in the backyard. Also, the orientation of your house can affect its energy efficiency. Homes that you would prefer to be warmer and have more sunlight would be best placed on the south side of the home. If you roughly know the layout of your home, you’ll have a better idea on what side of the street you want your lot to be.

Try and Capture Views

We firmly believe that St. George offers some of the best views on earth. When choosing a lot, pay attention to the views that you will have when your home is built.. Would you like your views from the front of your house or the back? Also, how will your lot affect your solar exposure? How can you best take advantage of sunrises or sunsets? Considering each of things will help when trying to select a building site.

Here at Dennis Miller Homes we believe site selection is just as important, if not more important, than the actual building plan. The building site will help us determine where we want to place windows, where we want certain rooms to be, and how we want to position the home on the lot. Whether you already have found the perfect lot, or are just starting the search process, we have the right team of professionals in place to make sure you capitalize on one of the most important phases of building a home.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start building!