Custom Home Process: Construction Phase

For those of you who have been following our mini series, you know that we have been talking in depth about the building process and how to make it less stressful. We started talking about the perfect building site, then moved on to the creation process, highlighted the design phase, and finally talked about the bidding process. By putting extra effort upfront in each of those respective steps, the next stage in the custom home process will be much more enjoyable.  Today we are talking about the construction process.

When you get the construction phase of building, the goal is to be able to go on autopilot. If you have done the preliminary steps the right way, especially the creation and design phases, you should be able to sit back and let the professionals do their thing. So, in giving tips for the construction phase, the best tip we could give is to go back to our recent articles and make sure you’re familiar with the preliminary steps of building a home.

However, there are unique opportunities that happen during the construction phase that we want to make you aware of. These opportunities will help you feel more apart of the building experience and ultimately make you love your house even more.


If you have gone through the right steps in selecting the right home builder, then we would advise in taking a laissez faire approach during the construction phase. The home builder is a professional and knows the necessary courses of action to ensure a gorgeous final product. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be completely hands off. As a matter of fact, we advise the opposite.

It is important that you schedule regular walk-throughs of the property where both you and your home builder can walk side by side throughout the property.   This critical time will allow you to ask questions in regards to the progress of your home to the contractor while they are on-site. Also, this time will enable the contractor to ask clarifying questions to you ensuring that you are getting the product you want. Making sure these walkthroughs take place will speed up the building process and ensure that you and your professional are clearly communicating.

Monumental Steps Of Building

One thing we like to do here at Dennis Miller Homes is allow our clients to take part in the construction process. After all, this is the place you will call home. We want you to feel a connection to your house and start making memories the moment we break ground. There are a few parts of the building process that we feel are monumental and that we want you to take part in.

Ground Breaking

The first step of the actual building process is breaking ground to pour the foundation. You have seen ceremonies for large construction process where ribbons are cut and shovels go in the ground. Although your home won’t be a skyscraper in New York, it will be the place that houses your family and memories. Be the one to put the shovel in the ground first and start the building process.

The First Wall

Another monumental step of building house is putting up the walls. When the framed walls go up, the structure and personality of the home start to take shape. Come help our crews lift your first wall and experience something special. One of our previous customers left us a very thoughtful review highlighting how much that moment meant to them.


Paint seems to pull out the personality of the home owners. Once the walls are painted, a client will start to see some of their personal style infused within the home. Have some fun and help us roll on some paint for the wall of your choosing. Everytime you walk by that section of your home, you’ll remember that moment with fondness.

Rolling Out the Carpet

Rolling out carpet has always been a symbol that royalty has arrived or someone important has showed up. You will be the King and Queen of your home; therefore, you deserve the royal treatment. When it comes time to lay the carpet, assist our subcontractors by unraveling a roll of carpet or two.

Although you want your home to be perfect, make sure you enjoy the construction phase. Much like a kid growing up, before you know it the fun and excitement of watching your dream home come to life will be gone. Take part of those monumental moments of building a custom home and make sure you create memories long before you move in. After all, we aren’t just going to build you a home, we are here to create an experience for you and your loved ones.

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