Custom Home Process: Closing | Welcome Home

Today’s issue marks the final installment of our Custom Home Process mini series. As St. George’s premier custom home builder, we like knowing that our clients have had a tremendous experience from start to finish. We started by talking about selecting the perfect building site, outlined the creation process, explained the benefits of our design phase, gave tips on obtaining a bid from your home builder, as highlighted important features of the construction phase.  Today we wrap up the series by talking about closing and moving into your new home.

The process of a home can be broken into 3 subcategories: Final Walkthrough, Closing Documents, and Handing Over the Keys.

Final Walkthrough

Once all parts of the construction phase have finished and a “CO” has been obtained we will conduct a final walkthrough. During this process we will walk into each room admiring what has been created.

This is the time for your critical eyes to come out. As this final walkthrough takes place, make sure every little detail is exactly how you want it and the finished product meets expectations. Feel free to open and close cabinets, check appliances, light fixtures, etc. This house is yours to move into so make sure you love it.

Closing Documents

Once we have done the final walkthrough and tightened up any loose ends, closing documents will be signed. Certain title documents will need to be signed and notarized with the right legal professionals, contracts with your builder will be finalized and the proper exchange of money for services will take place. Just like any legal document, make sure you read what you are signing thoroughly

Handing Over the Keys

The only thing left to do is hand you the keys to your home. With a smile, we will thank you for the experiences we’ve shared together and the opportunity we had to build your home. We will then present you with our closing packet which will include the details of the home warranty, access to some of our preferred vendors in St. George and the surrounding area, and other pertinent documents. The house is now officially your home.

Welcome Home!

This mini series has been enjoyable for us to create. It has helped us take a step back and look at the different opportunities there are to make sure our clients have an incredible experience building a home. Whether you choose us, or another contractor to build your home, we hope that the concepts we outlined for you will help ease the stressful process that is often associated with building.  Remember, it’s not about creating a final product in a house. Instead, it’s about enjoying an experience as you watch your dreams of having a custom home come to life!

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