In step 1 of our preliminary process mini-series, we talked about certain things to consider when choosing a building site. We explained the importance of that critical step and how a building lot provides a foundation for designing a home. In today’s article we talk about the next step of the process; arguably our favorite. At this point, we get the creative juices flowing and start dreaming. We call this step The Creation Process.

The Creation Process is designed for brainstorming and dreaming. This process can be done on your own, or together with us as we give input. We’re dreamers at heart, so we love to hear what types of things prospective clients have always yearned for in a home. However, even if a person has been planning the details of their home for years, when they hear the question, “What would you like in your new home?” almost everyone starts to draw blanks.

Because thinking about every facet of your home can be overwhelming, we broke this process down into three different categories: Lifestyle, Features, and Style. Going about the Creation Process while keeping these components in mind will bring organization and clarity to the endeavor.


Thinking about lifestyle is a perfect starting point. Some people start with features only to realize that they have unnecessary features or that they forgot certain features they really need. We feel it better to start with thinking about your lifestyle and then place the features in a way that will support that lifestyle. Questions you should ask yourself at this point of the creation process include: Do I need space for entertaining? Do I want the main gathering space for my family to be in a great room near the kitchen or in a separate family room? Do I plan to have visitors often who would appreciate their own suite? Do I want more space in the house, or more space in the yard? Asking questions like these help you figure out what is really important to you. It will ensure that your home is perfectly functional and that you are utilizing the space you call home.


As you brainstorm about lifestyle, you’ll notice that the next step, which is to focus on features, will come naturally. If you have decided you need space for entertaining, then more than likely you are going to want a dining space and a large kitchen island or bar. If you want to enjoy St. George sunsets, you’ll probably want a covered patio. Is a jacuzzi tub or fireplace in the master suite something you can’t live without? Do you want your kids to enjoy a pool in the backyard? Some people feel that it is helpful to look at other floor plans to get their wheels turning. Don’t worry about missing certain aspects, we will be sure to bring features to your attention that you may not have considered.


Once you have thought about your lifestyle and the features you want to include in your home, the last thing to go over is style. What do you want those features to look like? This is where your home will start to reflect your personality and creative taste. Do you want your home to look modern? Maybe you like the cozy and inviting feel of french country. Do you want your house to take on the trendy craftsman-style look? Whatever style you choose, we have a team of professionals that are sure to bring all of the components of your home together so that it looks aesthetically flawless.

Some other styles you might consider include the following: Ancient ModernAdobe SouthwestTuscan, and Industrial.

Remember that the creation process is a time to have fun. Try not to get overwhelmed. Reserve judgments on your dreaming. Let the ideas run free. Many people are surprised on the amount of things they can include in their home. As was mentioned above, we love this step in the building process because we get to have fun with our clients. One of the reasons a person chooses to build a home as opposed to buy a home is so they experience this creation process. Make sure you enjoy yours.

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-House at a Glance-

Location: Custom home in Highlands at Green Valley, St. George
Finished Size: 2,589 Square Feet
Garage: 920 Square Feet
Layout: Four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms
Status: Currently Available

Rock work on the front of a custom home built in southern utah
beautiful modern desert kitchen with island counter in Southern Utah Half bath with dark cabinets in custom home in St. George Bathroom cabinets and mirror in custom Southern Utah home master bedroom in custom home built in St. George Utah custom home in southern utah living room with coffee table and white couch modern custom living room with white couch and ceiling fan in St. George Utah modern kitchen in Southern Utah with glass pendant lights


-House at a Glance-

Location: Custom Home in Dunes at Sand Hollow, Hurricane
Finished Size: 5,536 Square Feet
Garage: 944 Square Feet
Layout: Five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms
Status: Pre-Sold

Modern St. George custom home in Southern Utah

Custom bathroom in St. George home by home builders DMH Master bedroom in custom home in Southern Utah - DMH home builders in St. George Kitchen with pendant lights and marble countertops in southern Utah custom home by St. George custom home builders DMH View of red rock in St. George designed by Southern Utah custom home builders DMH Furnished kitchen with wood floor in custom home in Southern Utah Desert living room in custom home in St. George by custom home builder in Southern Utah southern utah custom kitchen by St. George home builders DMH modern kitchen with wood floor & pendant lights in southern utah custom home


You have finally arrived. For the majority of your adult life you have dreamed of building a house that has everything you’ve always wanted and that you get to call your own. Everything has fallen into place. The timing is perfect. You know where you want to live, you’re financially ready, you have a lot picked out, you’ve known your color scheme for years. All that you have left to do is actually build it. Then you ask yourself the question, “Who are we going to use to build our home?”

For most individuals endeavoring to build a new home, choosing a builder will be the most important decision they make throughout the entire process; and more than likely the most daunting.  Many people have heard horror stories of hiring so-called professionals that were a nightmare to work with. With such stories in the background of their mind, many people fear that they will make the wrong choice. After all, this is your dream we’re talking about.

Rather than go into analysis paralysis and prolong the building process, following the advice we have laid out below will give you more confidence when choosing your general contractor.

(1) Get Recommendations

A great first step in choosing your home builder is talking to friends and family. Who have they used in the past? Did they enjoy their experience? Have people in their network talked about home builders they really liked? You might also consider asking what process they used when choosing their particular contractor. Another great place to get recommendations is local supplier stores. Go to your local appliance, window, or materials store and ask them what builder they would recommend.

(2) Talk to Subcontractors

Subcontractors are tremendous resources to get the facts on what it is like working with a particular builder. Once you’ve contacted a certain contractor, ask them for a list of some of their subs with their contact information. Ask the subcontractors what it’s like working with that builder. Does he communicate well? Does he pay them on time? Have past clients been satisfied? What better way to know what it’s like working with someone than to ask the people who do it on a regular basis?

(3) Talk to Previous Customers

If at all possible contact individuals that have used the contractor you are researching. Even if they used the contractor years ago, previous customers provide excellent feedback. Take time to look at the contractor’s reviews on Facebook or Google. When it comes to a home, finding customers of five or more years is invaluable. This will let you know how the product will stand against the rigors of time.

(4) How Long has this Contractor Been in Business?

We all know that every contractor has to have a first day on the job. But in this industry experience matters. Home builders that have been perfecting their craft for years, know how to manage problems and overcome difficulties that are sure to come up.

(5) Meet Face to Face

Before you sign a contract with any home builder, make sure you meet face to face. You are going to be working with this person very heavily over the course of a few months. Meeting face to face will help you know whether or not the two of you will work well together. Is he easy to communicate with? Do you feel like the two of you could work together to solve problems?

(6) What is their Contract Policy?

Some contractors would prefer not to have any written contracts. Others are very organized with their documentation. Make sure you choose someone who documents everything you have agreed to. It will ensure that both parties are satisfied when the building process is complete.

(7) Don’t let Price be Your Primary Factor

Although most people have a budget and price is important, price should not be your number one criteria when making a decision.  There are times when the contractor who has come in with the lowest bid, has done so by cutting corners. Never sacrifice quality and value for a cheap price.

(8) Location Matters

When you are looking for a lot, keep in mind that certain subdivisions require that you use their preferred builder. Before you close on the lot, make sure you know what your options are and whether or not you can use the general contractor of your choosing.

(9) Go with your Gut

At the end of the day, your initial feelings and impressions about a certain professional is probably the right impression. If your gut is telling you no but it logically makes sense, go with your better judgment. This is YOUR home. You know what will be best.

Home builders are often labeled a dime a dozen. That may be true, but here at Dennis Miller Homes we are confident that you will never regret hiring us to build your home. With decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers we know how to make our clients happy. We know that choosing a professional to build your home can be a daunting task. However, our team doesn’t want to just build your home, we want to make sure your dreams become a reality.

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Southern Utah’s 2017 Event Calendar

Here at Dennis Miller Homes, we love building in Southern Utah because… well… it means we get to live here. St. George provides wonderful activities that are offered throughout the surrounding area. As we head into the new year of 2017, we wanted to provide you with a list of our favorite activities that happen throughout the year. As you plan your family outings, make sure you take a look at this list so that you don’t miss out on some of the great things Washington County has to offer.


Art to Zion Art and Studio TOUR (Jan 12-16)

The “Arts to Zion” Art and Studio TOUR is a self-guided art adventure  though our beautiful, mountainous, breathtaking countryside


St. George Area Parade of Homes (Feb 17-26)

This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to build a custom home. General contractors throughout Southern Utah will feature some of their best work. Attending the parade helps new home builders get ideas for color schemes, floor plans, landscaping and more.


Mini Indy Charity Race (Mar 22-24)

Sponsored by Skywest Airlines and the City of St. George, this charity event brings groups of people together to race miniature Indy-style race cars. Proceeds raised from this event help support the United Way Dixie.


Spring Tour-De-St. George (Apr 8)

Come enjoy one of the must-attend cycling events of the year.  Just as the weather starts getting warmer, cyclists from around the country come and compete in this race for various levels of cyclists. The finish line will have all sorts of entertainment for friends and family.


Brian Regan at Tuacahn Amphitheater (May 4-6)

This event is turning into a must-see for locals and visitors alike. With the beautiful red mountains of Tuacahn’s amphitheater as your backdrop, enjoy one of the nation’s top comedians. Buy your tickets quick though, they won’t last long.

Hurricane Mud Run (May 13)

This 5k obstacle course is loaded with lots of mud and lots of fun. Bring a work group, family, or run alone. The Hurricane mud run will surely be one of the highlights of 2017.


Pro WaterCross (Jun 24-25)

Spend your weekend camping over at Sand Hollow State Park as you enjoy this high octane event.


Tuacahn Amphitheater (Entire Month)

July features an entire month of Tuachan’s musicals. This year, guests will get to enjoy Shrek, Disney’s The Newsies, or Mama Mia! If you have never been to a Tuacahn performance, you are missing out.


Washington County Fair (Aug 10-13)

Held annually, this family-fun event features carnival rides, festive food, entertainment, award-winning crops, and livestock exhibits. A great event if you are looking to build family traditions.


Dixie Lions’ Roundup Rodeo

Come enjoy one of the local favorites in the Dixie Roundup. Watch one of America’s oldest sources of entertainment as professional bull riders and barrel racers dazzle the crowd.

Santa Clara Swiss Days (Sep 28-30)

A celebration of the Swiss settlers of Santa Clara, this festival offers parades, car shows, a 5k run, booths, and much more. Be apart of the celebration that every Santa Clara native looks forward to.


St. George Marathon (Oct 7)

This award winning race attracts running fanatics from across the globe. Come watch or participate in one of the most popular marathons in the country.

Huntsman World Senior Games (Oct 9-21)

Making its start in 1987, this international sports competition features athletes ages 50 and older from across the globe. Featuring more than 30 athletic competitions, this sporting event encourages its visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery the area has to offer.


What Women Want Expo

Come enjoy this expo tailored toward all things women want and enjoy. Booths will feature clothing, cleaning supplies, trendy accessories, and, of course, food.


The Forgotten Carols

For over 25 years this production by Michael McLean has been a family tradition during the holiday season. Come experience the magic of Christmas at Dixie State University’s Cox Auditorium.

As you can see, there is plenty to do all year round. If you haven’t moved here already, or are even looking to relocate, come to Dennis Miller Homes so that we can start designing your dream home. We don’t want you to miss out on all of the fun things happening here in sunny St. George.


There are plenty of reasons to move to St. George and build a beautiful custom home. People love the gorgeous weather, some love the local shops, and others love the different options for restaurants and entertainment. However, for us at Dennis Miller Homes, we thoroughly believe that the number one reason to build a new home here is because Southern Utah is the hub for adventure.

When people think of Southern Utah,  a lot of times they think about the wonderful recreation opportunities that are here: and it’s no wonder. St. George is nestled perfectly in the middle of some of the most beautiful and sought-after places in the world. From the towering peaks of Zion National Park, to the golden beaches of Southern California, once you decide to build your home in Southern Utah, and are willing to drive a mere 6 hours to get to your ultimate adventure, you will have everything you’ll ever need and more.

We’ve provided a few of our favorites below. Click on the location titles for further information.

Adventures Close to St. George

 Snow Canyon State Park

Hike along the trails of Snow Canyon and enjoy the wide array of color the landscape offers. From black lava stone to red sandstone, Snow Canyon is sure to take your breath away.

Zion National Park

Becoming one of the world’s most visited natural parks, Zion National Park provides views that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else. Hike the towering cliffs of Angel’s Landing, or the majestic slot canyons of The Narrows.

Sand Hollow State Park

One of Utah’s newest state parks and a great location for new home builders, Sand Hollow has it all. Enjoy your time boating, fishing, camping, riding ATV’s and more. 

Outdoor Adventures

Along with the highlights listed above, St. George offers countless outdoor adventures. From championship golf courses to endless miles of biking trails, and everything in between. If you live in sunny St. George and find yourself bored, we hate to break it to you, but it’s your own fault.

2 Hour Destinations

Las Vegas Nevada
Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the lights and entertainment of Las Vegas. Build a custom home in St. George and you’ll only be an hour and a half away.

Brian Head Resort

The perfect place for those wanting to enjoy the slopes in the winter, as well as the downhill mountain bikers of summer. Top that off with Incredible ATV and snowmobiling trails and Brian Head becomes the premier Southern Utah getaway destination.

Glen Canyon National Park

More commonly known as Lake Powell, this gorgeous oasis is a favorite by many. Rent a houseboat for a week, kayak the many slot canyons, and fish for various species that live below the surface.  With 2,000 miles of shoreline, Lake Powell is the ultimate Southern Utah destination for you and your family.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon offers the largest collection of hoodoos (large pillars of rock shaped from the forces of nature) in the world. You’ll want to enjoy this gorgeous landscape time and time again.

Weekend Getaways | All Within a 6 Hour Drive


Moab is one of very few places that boasts two national parks in the same location. Go to Moab and experience the captivating beauty of both Canyon Lands and Arches National Parks.

Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon offers Iconic views and places of recreation such as the north and south rims and Havasu Falls.

Salt Lake City

Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, and its surrounding areas, has the greatest snow on earth. Layered with countless hiking trails, incredible shopping, and the NBA’s Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City is a wonderful getaway destination.

Southern California

The amenities offered in Southern California almost go without saying. Whether you want to experience the energy of Los Angeles, the magic of Disneyland, or the serenity of San Diego, Southern California has everything a vacationer could ask for.

We rest our case with St. George being one of the best places to live. As the premier general contractor in Southern Utah we love building here because we know not only will home owners love their beautiful new home, but they will also love where they live.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start building.