When considering the importance of stairs in home design, they're more than just a function in the room. Not only do they have a purpose, but they can be one of the most prominent design elements in a space. These centralized features can often be a beautiful focal point of the home, helping to make a statement and setting the tone for the rest of the house.

Stairs usually function as the home's backbone, allowing designers to create an eye-catching feature. At Dennis Miller Homes, we incorporate custom staircase design that perfectly blends functionality with a modern design and complements your home's aesthetic.

Understanding Staircase Design & Functionality

The best staircases know how to balance the art of design and functionality. They know how to make a statement while ensuring safety and allowing for the movement of people and materials. Instead of putting stairs wherever they're the most convenient, we believe they should play a critical role in home design and function.

All staircase designs must adhere to strict guidelines and building regulations, including straight-to-winder and spiral stairs. They should also be constructed of sustainable building materials that will endure longevity and enhance stability. At Dennis Miller Homes, we prioritize safety in our staircase designs, ensuring that they are beautiful and provide a secure environment for your home.

Understanding custom home staircase design and functionality

Safety considerations and building codes

Poorly designed stairs have a poor impact and can be a safety hazard. When designing stairs, it's important to consider safety regulations and building codes. Stairs should be designed with handrails, sufficient lighting, level surfaces, tight carpeting, and sufficient carrying capacity.

Most building codes around the country are based on the International Residential Code, a nonprofit standards organization that has established minimum regulations for one- and two-family houses. A summary of Utah Code 15A-3-202 concludes the following regulations for staircases:

Maximizing Space Efficiency & Traffic Flow

When designed correctly, stairs can maximize space efficiency and traffic flow. New homeowners don't always consider the placement of stairs and how it impacts the flow of your home. Properly placed stairs improve the circulation, or flow of people, around your home.

Moving the stairs to a corner of the house sometimes allows specific rooms to expand and create centralized traffic patterns. While maximizing space efficiency in the room varies based on the design, stairs should be placed on one side of the home, often near the garage, for maximum efficiency.

Modern Staircase Design Trends

It seems like anything is possible in modern custom staircase design. From floating stairs to smart stairs, designers are embracing cutting-edge aesthetics and new functionality. Many innovative trends redefine how we move from one floor to another. Some popular stairwell design trends are floating staircases, incorporating nature-inspired elements, and sculptural staircases. In-home design, modern staircases enhance overall home aesthetics and are sculptural masterpieces.

Modern staircase design trends to consider when building a custom home

Custom Stairs: Personalized Elegance

Incorporating a custom staircase design into your home can have many benefits. Custom stairs are designed to fit any space, including tight areas. They can also be designed to blend in with landings, curves, and mezzanines. Custom staircase design also allows for the ability to match specific themes or lifestyles.

Designing custom stairs also allows you to choose the material they're made from. We recommend choosing high-quality, long-lasting materials such as concrete, metal, wood, stone, or glass.

Exploring Staircase Styles

When planning a staircase for your home, you can choose from many styles: straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, winder, spiral, curved, cantilever, and split. While settling on one style is difficult, several factors help you choose. First, consider the amount of space you have available. For example, straight or L-shaped stairs work because for smaller homes. Larger homes can accommodate a more decorative or curved staircase. Don't hesitate to ask us for ideas and our opinion in choosing the right staircase.

Luxury Stairs: Combining Opulence & Functionality

These high-end design elements are often the focal point in many larger homes and commercial spaces. While adding a touch of sophistication and elegance, they are designed to make a statement and are commonly made from stone, glass, and wood. In some cases, they feature intricate detailing and finishes, such as ornate railings, carved balusters, and inlaid stone.

Spiral Staircase Designs: Space-Saving and Stylish

The biggest advantage of designing a spiral staircase is saving space. Compared with other staircases, a spiral staircase occupies a very small area. Spiral staircases are also incredibly durable, often made from hard materials such as metal or timber. Modern spiral staircases are usually made with a combination of steel and have simple, clean lines.

The Appeal of Open Stair Design

Often known as open riser staircases or floating staircases, these types have gaps between the treads inside risers to bridge the gap. Open stairs have a light look and have minimal visual obstruction, making the space feel bright and spacious. They're a great alternative to traditional staircases. Open staircases look great, whether up against a wall or in the middle of a room.

Custom wood stairs - Practical Tips for Clients Considering Custom Home Staircase Design

Practical Tips for Clients Considering Custom Home Staircase Design

When you sit down with us to design the stairs in your home, we'll consider several things. First, we'll review your floor plan and determine where a staircase might be best. Keep in mind that stairs can be moved in most cases. We'll review the type of staircase you'd like, reviewing any inspirational photos you may have. Next, we'll discuss design, style, and materials. In some cases, budget is also a consideration. If this is the case, we'll discuss how to design a stunning staircase that fits within your budget.

Design the Custom Staircase of Your Dreams

The best staircases perfectly balance the combination of functionality and style. At Dennis Miller Homes, we're here to help you plan your ideal staircase, the one you've always wanted. We understand the importance of fine-tuning these elements in your house. After all, this is the home you'll live in and experience life for years to come. Contact Dennis Miller Homes today!

Welcome to Dennis Miller Homes! As a leading new home builder in St. George, Utah, we know St. George is a place unlike any other. With its stunning red rock landscapes, warm climate, and abundance of outdoor recreation, it’s no wonder why people seek homes for sale in St. George, Utah.

Today, we want to share four of our favorite new homes in the beautiful city of St. George: an ultimate desert oasis retreat, a red rock dream come true, a fantastic family home, and a model of modern elegance.

Dennis Miller Homes: Crafting Dreams

As new home builders, we take great pride in creating unique homes tailored to the dreams of their owners. When you choose Dennis Miller Homes, your home will be built to the highest standards possible, using the best materials and superior craftsmanship. We believe a home should function to inspire and rejuvenate its occupants, so with innovative design elements and luxurious finishes, our homes accomplish just that and more.

New luxury vacation home in St George, Utah backyard with custom pool, rock waterfall, lighting and built-in hot tub creates the ultimate private desert oasis retreat

Home 1 - The Ultimate Desert Oasis Retreat

Escape to the serene heart of the desert in The Ultimate Desert Oasis Retreat. Embracing the natural beauty of St. George, Utah, this home offers a luxurious sanctuary to relax and unwind.

Features and Amenities:

A spacious open floor plan that maximizes natural light and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Unique Design Elements:

Desert-inspired architecture that seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings while creating spacious interior and outdoor entertainment areas.

Ideal Homeowner Profile:

Individuals or families seeking a peaceful retreat away from busy city life and want to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the St. George desert landscape.

New St George custom home window design fills room with natural light and embraces scenic views of red rocks in master bathroom with freestanding bathtub & custom cabinets

Home 2 - Red Rock Dreams Come True

Red Rock Dreams Come True perfectly captures the essence of St. George's stunning red rock formations and awe-inspiring landscapes. This home uniquely blends modern design and natural beauty, creating a harmonious living space.

Features and Amenities:

Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the breathtaking views of the surrounding red rocks and allow natural light to flow in.

Unique Design Elements:

Architectural features such as angular rooflines and stone accents pay homage to the unique rock formations native to the area.

Ideal Homeowner Profile:

Outdoor enthusiasts who want to be surrounded by the beauty of nature offered by the red rock landscape.

New luxury custom home kitchen and dining room in St. George, Utah features family friendly open floor plan to maximize living space functionality

Home 3 - Family-Friendly Living

Family-Friendly Living caters to the needs of growing families, offering a perfect balance between functionality and style. This home provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where memories can be shared.

Features and Amenities:

Thoughtfully designed spaces that provide comfort, entertainment, and privacy for every family member.

Unique Design Elements:

Incorporation of child-friendly materials like durable flooring and easy-to-clean surfaces to withstand the demands of a busy household.

Ideal Homeowner Profile:

Individuals who value a sense of community and desire proximity to schools, parks, and other amenities.

New modern custom home in Southern Utah with elegant contemporary exterior & landscape design near St. George, UT

Home 4 - Modern Elegance in the Desert

Modern Elegance in the Desert showcases contemporary design and luxurious living. With its sleek lines, high-end finishes, and innovative features, this home offers a modern oasis in the heart of the desert.

Features and Amenities:

Private outdoor living space with a pool, spa, and fire pit, perfect for enjoying the warm desert evenings and hosting gatherings.

Unique Design Elements:

The Integration of cutting-edge smart home technology allows homeowners to control lighting, temperature, and security systems with ease.

Ideal Homeowner Profile:

Individuals or couples who enjoy having company and entertaining guests in a luxurious and stylish desert environment.

New modern custom home features private outdoor living space with pool, spa, and fire pit, perfect for enjoying the warm St. George desert evenings and hosting gatherings

The Dennis Miller Homes Difference

At Dennis Miller Homes, we make your dream home a reality. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and personalization ensures bringing your vision to reality. When you choose us as your custom home builders, you can trust that we’ll exceed your expectations.

Contact Us Today!

Take the first step toward your St. George dream home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and tour. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and help bring your vision to life.

St. George, Utah, offers a truly unique and captivating lifestyle. As a leading new home builder in the area, Dennis Miller Homes crafts dream homes that reach the pinnacle of style and comfort. Take the first step toward your St. George dream home today and experience the Dennis Miller Homes difference.

Amidst the striking landscape of desert vistas and red rock canyons, more and more people are building new homes in Southern Utah with the help of custom home builders like Dennis Miller Homes.

Custom home builders in St. George, Utah (and surrounding areas) can help you incorporate local materials, colors, and designs to create a home that embodies the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape while meeting your budgetary and lifestyle needs.

On top of that, a home construction company local to the area will also know how best to build in the fickle desert conditions and what common building mistakes to avoid. If you plan to build a home in southern Utah, avoid this article's top five home-building pitfalls!

After all, this is your chance to build your dream home in a dreamy environment. The journey ahead can feel long, costly, and sometimes overwhelming. But if you can work with a trusted home builder and avoid these common construction mistakes, you’ll end up with the home of your dreams in a vivid landscape of sunshine and natural beauty.

Lack of Proper Planning and Research

When it comes to building new homes, there’s no such thing as doing too much research and planning. 

Common Planning Mistakes

No Clear Vision

Don’t rush the planning phase. Your first step should be to write down a clear vision and goals for your custom home. What is important to you? What are some of your must-haves? Envision your future home and everything it needs to accommodate your family’s lifestyle.

Ignoring Local Building Codes & Regulations

The last thing you want is for an inspection to end in fines and disappointment. Research the area’s residential building codes and regulations before any serious planning.

Choosing the Wrong Home Builders 

Choosing a custom home builder in Southern Utah is the most critical decision you will make, as it will directly affect every step of the process -- for better or for worse. Research and compare custom home builders and custom home construction services. Scour review boards and portfolios until you’ve found a trustworthy builder to actualize your vision.

Underestimating Budget and Financial Planning

It is highly likely that, in the end, your dream home will cost more than you originally planned. One of the most common errors in building a custom home is failing to prepare for the following:

Unexpected Costs

Expect unexpected expenses. Period. Many unforeseen costs can arise, from clearing trees to needing special permits or structural changes. Leave room in the budget for unforeseen costs (we typically advise between 10-20% of your overall budget) to not hinder construction or scramble to make up for a stressful lack of funds.

Long-Term Costs

You may think you want a custom home fully loaded with all the bells and whistles but don’t underestimate the long-term costs of your decisions. Consider consequential expenses, such as electricity bills, maintenance fees, and other costs required to power and maintain your new living space.

Financial Advisors

When building a custom house, a critical mistake is managing all the financial aspects by yourself. Working with a trusted advisor and credible mortgage lenders can make a massive difference in the overall cost of building a new home.

Overlooking Functionality and Practicality

A widespread construction mistake is to prioritize form over function. An experienced St. George home builder, like Dennis Miller Homes, can help you avoid these common pitfalls. 

  1. Don’t get so caught up in the visual aesthetics that you forget what matters most: creating a safe, comfortable, functional home where you can grow old. Plan function first; style second.
  2. It’s easy to plan for your current lifestyle, but it’s essential to plan for your future. Don’t make decisions now that will negatively impact you 10, 25, or even 50 years from now.
  3. Smart homes are all the rage. A custom home builder can help you take advantage of tech without creating an over-complicated mess of conflicting tech.

Poor Communication with Builders and Contractors

Failure to clearly and frequently communicate with builders and contractors can result in costly mistakes. Establish clear lines of communication with all parties involved in your new build. Keep their contact information organized and set clear expectations about your goals and priorities.

There are so many decisions that go into building a new home. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you don’t stay active in making decisions, you could delay construction or contribute to some costly misunderstandings. Any site builder worth their salt will invite you to participate in regular site visits and inspections. Attend whenever possible to ensure you are always updated on the process and any unforeseen issues.

Neglecting Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: plan for your future. As you build your brand-new home from the ground up, you have the opportunity to make wise decisions that will benefit you in the long run. Energy efficiency is one such example.

Don’t make the mistake of mindlessly following dated home-building traditions that incur hefty long-term expenses month after month. Take advantage of emerging breakthroughs to make your home energy efficient and sustainable! Spring for solar panels or geothermal energy systems to power your home, add skylights wherever possible, and choose water-wise landscaping designs. 

Dennis Miller Custom Homes Builder

Building a custom home in Southern Utah allows you to design your dream home from the ground up in a beautiful setting. Avoid these new home construction mistakes to save yourself a great deal of time, money, and a whole lot of stress. As long as you research, plan, and communicate, you can establish a powerful relationship with your custom home builder, resulting in a home as beautiful as it is functional and sustainable.

If you’re looking for a custom home builder in St. George, Utah, look no further than Dennis Miller Homes. We have the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to actualize your vision while avoiding all the common home-building mistakes. Contact us today to get started.

Investing in energy-efficient homes is a no-brainer. Not only are energy-efficient homes more comfortable and durable, but they'll also help you save energy and money. Homes built with energy efficiency in mind also help reduce your environmental impact by lessening emissions of greenhouse gases and conserving water usage. Energy-efficient homes, also known as green homes, are quickly becoming a standard for many homeowners.

If you're interested in energy-efficient homes in Utah, you'll want to find a reputable green home builder to ensure the job is done correctly. Not only is Dennis Miller, an excellent home builder, but we're the leading green home builders in Southern Utah.

Let's discuss the benefits of energy-efficient homes and how Dennis Miller Homes can build the energy-efficient home you've always wanted.

The Benefits of Building an Energy-Efficient Home

New Home Exterior | Custom Home Builder in St George, UT | New Luxury Vacation Custom Homes in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

While we've introduced a few benefits of energy-efficient homes, let's cover more of what they entail and what they can do for you.

Lower Energy Bills

Working with energy-efficient home builders to design your next house means you'll have a home requiring fewer utilities to heat, cool, and light. As you can imagine, this means you'll benefit from cheaper utility bills.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Using less power and gas to make your home comfortable reduces its environmental impact. In addition, green homes use recycled and environmentally-friendly products when possible, contributing to an overall reduced environmental impact.

Increased Comfort

Drafty homes can be an uncomfortable way to rack up an expensive energy bill. Energy-efficient homes deliver improved insulation, ventilation, and smart thermostats that help control temperatures, making your home more comfortable and cost-effective.


Energy-Efficient Home Features by Dennis Miller Homes

St. George Custom Home Builder | Energy-Efficient Home Features | Modern Dining & Living Room Design | Dennis Miller Homes

When you build with green home builders like Dennis Miller Homes, you can incorporate as many energy-efficient features as possible. Here are some common and optional eco-friendly features we provide for our clients.

High-Quality Insulation

custom home builder in Ivins, UT near St George | Southern Utah new home design build contractors | Dennis Miller Homes

High-Quality Insulation Insulation is one of the most critical elements in a home. Not only does it keep your house warm, but it also helps to keep out the excessive heat we're known for in Southern Utah. We use only the highest-quality insulation to ensure your home is as efficient as possible. You'll also have the option of insulating specific parts of your home to increase energy efficiency and improve sound control.

Efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling

Smart home technology | Essential custom home features | St. George homebuilders | Dennis Miller Homes

The hot summers and cold winters in St. George require efficient heating, ventilating, and cooling solutions that run efficiently and don't drain your paycheck. Each home is designed to maximize utilities with energy-efficient HVAC systems and smart thermostats that give you the ultimate control over the temperature in your home.

Energy-Saving Appliances and Lighting

Custom Home with Modern Kitchen & Energy Saving Appliances & Lighting in St George Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

Refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, ceiling fans, and lighting have evolved into efficient machines that can save you hundreds on utility bills annually. When you build a home with Dennis Miller Homes, you can choose the specific appliances you want. Look for appliances with an Energy Star tag, and aim for LED lighting that can last for years without changing a bulb.

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy Options

Custom Home Builder in St George, UT | Dennis Miller Homes

Renewable energy options like solar panels are always available when building energy-efficient homes in Utah with Dennis Miller Homes. Solar panels can help you save money on your monthly electricity bills and allow you to generate electricity if the power goes out.

Customization and Personalization

St. George Custom Vacation Home Builder | Energy Efficient Homes in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

What's the benefit of building a custom energy-efficient home with Dennis Miller Homes? We allow you to customize everything about your home, including the energy-efficient features you'd like. We'll help you tailor your home's features to fit your individual preferences, allowing you to save as much money and be as comfortable as you'd like. 

If you're not aiming for a completely customized home but would still like to build with us, we'll help you select the most energy-efficient home plans and features that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Home Building 

St. George Custom Vacation Home Builder | Energy Efficient Homes in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

At Dennis Miller Homes, we recognize our responsibility to build energy-efficient homes. As the leading green home builders in Southern Utah, we remain committed to giving our customers the best building experience and providing them with a new home they'll love for years–one that's energy-efficient, comfortable, and beautiful.

Choose Dennis Miller Homes as your Energy-Efficient Home Builder in Southern Utah

Trusting Dennis Miller Homes to be your energy-efficient custom home builder in Southern Utah will benefit you in many ways. And when it's all said and done, you'll receive a green-home dream home to enjoy for years and years.

We take pride in providing you with a red-carpet experience from beginning to end, and we apply the same process no matter what type of home you build with us. To build a new energy-efficient home in Southern Utah, contact us today.

If you are ready to design a new custom home but feel overwhelmed by the almost limitless ideas for building a house, take a deep breath and start with the basics. Consider making a list of your new home must-haves, and try not to get immediately sucked into tiny details and all the personalized home finishes. Instead, think about your new custom home as a whole and visualize your space's big picture and overall look and feel. Focusing on the following eight essential custom home features will help when building a new house near St. George, UT, and provide new home construction ideas.

New Custom Luxury Homes in St. George | Dennis Miller Homes

The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Designing a custom home is a significant investment and often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it is crucial to incorporate custom home features and enhance functionality and personalization when creating a unique home. Custom home planning pays off in the long run, particularly in Southern Utah, where you can incorporate striking natural scenery and beautiful weather for much of the year into your everyday living space. Whether you are looking for cool house features or new house must-haves, here are eight essential features to consider as you build your custom home. 

Furnished kitchen with wood floor in new custom luxury home built by Dennis Miller Homes in Southern Utah

Energy-Efficient Design

Energy efficiency is one of the top modern home-building trends that will only grow in popularity as we look to preserve our earth and mitigate our environmental impact. When compiling your ideas for new home construction, energy-efficiency products, appliances, and systems should be considered. Energy-efficient design incorporates sustainable, eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient construction techniques. Some of the most popular sustainable features for custom homes also save you money in the long run by reducing energy costs and lasting longer. They include:

Furnished living room of new custom luxury home in St. George, UT | Southern Utah home builders | Dennis Miller Homes

Open Floor Plans for Custom-Designed Homes

Open floor plans continue to be one of the most popular choices for customized living spaces and allow you to create a beautiful area that is both inviting and multi-functional. 

New home ideas: The advantages of an open layout

Of all the trending custom home design ideas, open layouts or floor plans are very popular for various reasons. They allow for more natural light, making your home feel more extensive and inviting. This feeling is enhanced when you have vaulted ceilings. Open floor plans of luxury custom homes also create a seamless flow between different living areas, which allows for better traffic flow, better space for entertaining, and increased interaction with other family members. 

Building a custom house to suit your lifestyle and preferences

The best part about personalized home design is that you can customize anything, ensuring your "must haves for home" wants list is integrated into your new home's design including your custom floor plan, making it work perfectly for you. Everyone's needs, desires, and hobbies are different, and you can have functional home elements with rooms that suit your needs, whether it is a home office, a cozy library, or an indoor rock climbing wall. With Dennis Miller Homes you are not constrained by pre-made floor plans and cookie-cutter designs, instead, we can create a custom home that is truly unique and made just for you.

Smart home technology | Essential custom home features | St. George homebuilders | Dennis Miller Homes

Smart Home Technology Integration

Integrating smart devices and automation systems into your home is another popular trend for new home design. Smart home technology can control lighting, security, temperature, entertainment systems, garage doors, and more, all from your phone or designated device, enhancing your home's convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Smart devices also allow you to control remotely, so when you are away from home, you can check to ensure you turned off the lights and lowered the temperature on your AC before leaving. Innovative home technology is a customizable feature that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Storage Solutions for Custom Homes

If your must-have home features an open concept, you do not have to sacrifice storage. Your custom home builder can design closets, cabinets, and shelving to maximize storage space and tailor custom storage solutions to your needs and preferences. Whether it is sports equipment, garage organization, cold storage, or closet space, you can find classy and innovative ways to organize and store your life. Your home builder can help with ideas to incorporate built-in features and organizers throughout your home.

St. George custom home patio design | Southern Utah custom home builders | Dennis Miller Homes | DMH

Outdoor Living Spaces for Custom Homes

Outdoor living space is a must-have for new custom homes in Southern Utah. It is a fantastic way to increase your living space and enjoy the surrounding views and mild climate. Design functional and inviting outdoor areas that create a place for relaxation, entertainment, and recreation. Unique to custom homes include incorporating features like patios, decks, pools, and landscaping. Your ideas for home building extend to your lot and incorporate outdoor living and landscaping.

Upgraded Kitchen and Bathroom Features

One of the most exciting things to consider when building a house of your dreams is customizing your kitchen and bathrooms. You can create an exquisite entertaining and cooking area by selecting high-quality fixtures and appliances and customizing layouts to optimize functionality and style. Bathrooms can have a relaxing spa feel by incorporating modern design trends and materials.

Advanced Security Systems for Custom Homes

Installing robust security systems and surveillance cameras and implementing smart locks, alarms, and access control is an extension of smart home technology that can make your designed custom home safe and secure. Prioritize safety and peace of mind for your custom home by including advanced security systems in your new house's design.

Personalized Finishes and Details

Most house-building ideas focus on finishes and details because this is the most visual aspect of your home. With quality custom homes, you can customize architectural elements and design features like archways, double doors, stairways, and more. You also have a first-hand say in choosing unique finishes, materials, and colors, incorporating your personal touches to reflect your style and personality.

Custom kitchen design | St. George, Utah Luxury Home builder | Dennis Miller Homes

Design Your Custom Home in Southern Utah with Dennis Miller Homes

To make the most when building your dream home, remember to explore and incorporate these eight essential features:

Consider these features during the planning process, and communicate with your builder your priorities and vision for your build. Doing so will produce lasting benefits and the satisfaction of a well-designed and personalized home. Get started planning your custom home in St. George, Ivins, or Hurricane today with Dennis Miller Homes, one of the top home builders in St. George, Utah, and the surrounding areas. Contact Dennis Miller Homes to learn more.

Dennis Miller Homes, the best home builder in St. George, Utah, is teaming up with St. George's most talented interior designers to offer exceptional design services for our clients. Throughout the years, we have remained committed to providing homes that reflect each customer's lifestyle. Whether your goal is to build the ultimate luxury home of your dreams or just a cozy place to call your own, we believe each home should be beautiful, unique, and reflect the homeowner's style. Offering our clients interior design services through our comprehensive homebuilding process is the best way to achieve this goal.

New Custom Home Builders in St. George, and Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

A Superior Experience that Only Dennis Miller Homes Can Provide

Everyone deserves a home that perfectly fits their lifestyle, which doesn’t end with four walls and a roof. When you build a luxury custom home with us, interior design is included so you can customize the living spaces to be exactly what you want. 

Just a few of the benefits of working with Dennis Miller Homes include:

Personalized Design Experience 

From floorplan down to minor details like hardware, our interior designers can guide you through creating a home designed based on your personality. We take the time to get to know your likes, dislikes, preferences, and more. Has your dream always been to have a beautiful, sunny kitchen with a large island perfect for entertaining? Or perhaps you've always wanted an indoor area that easily transitions to an outdoor living room by the pool. No matter what you want, let the team at Dennis Miller Homes design and build it for you.

Quality Craftsmanship 

Our St. George interior design team takes pride in craftsmanship that goes above and beyond the other guys. We pay attention to details and only hire subcontractors who put quality first. We believe in transparency and integrity through every step of the process, and the result is a house that you'll love to call home for many years. Building a home with quality craftsmanship is the Dennis Miller Homes advantage. 

Extensive Product Options 

When you create a new home with Dennis Miller Homes, you aren't limited to the products in a builder's showroom. Our customization options are nearly endless, and we go above and beyond to ensure you get just the right finishes you love for your home. If you can dream it, our St. George home designers can make it happen.

St. George's Best New Custom Home Interior Designs | New home interior designers in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes

How the Interior Design Process Works at Dennis Miller Homes: What to Expect 

We believe that a home doesn't start with a floorplan; it first begins with the people who will live inside. Throughout our interior design process, we take the time to create a space that is the perfect combination of personal needs, proven design principles, and respect for the home’s surrounding Utah environment. 


The first step in any Dennis Miller Homes project is a consultation. This is where we get to know you and your vision for the home. We'll take time to get to know you personally, including learning more about your hopes and dreams for the space. 

Design Development

After the consultation, we get to work creating a home design that you'll love. Your project will be planned down to the smallest detail, including new home decorations such as interior and exterior materials and finishes, lighting designs, custom cabinetry plans, mechanical systems, space planning, and more. We'll go over every detail, from flooring installation, wallpaper installation, and even custom furniture. Throughout this stage, you'll have chances to meet with us and review plans several times.

Project Review & Execution

The consultation and design development stages eventually lead to the final project review and execution stage, where you'll see precisely how your home will look. You'll be able to review and approve every detail while making any additional last-minute changes, if necessary. After approval begins the exciting part–building your dream home. 

Modern Custom Home Luxury Interior Design | Dennis Miller Homes

Interior Design as Unique as You

One look through our gallery and you'll see plenty of new home decoration and design ideas created by our talented team. We love this modern, sleek, and minimal kitchen that perfectly overlooks the beauty of St. George's red rocks. The contrasting wood tones and statement lighting in this contemporary kitchen are some of our favorites. This light and airy master bedroom, with oversized windows, is incredibly dreamy. No matter the home you want to build, Dennis Miller Homes are the St. George home builders you can trust to build it right.

When it comes to residential construction projects, there are many different contractors and professionals involved, from architects to engineers to general contractors. However, there is a type of contractor that can simplify the process for you: design-build contractors.

Design build construction, also referred to as design & build, is a different, more streamlined approach to residential construction projects. Design build projects bring the architectural designer and the general contractor together as a team from the start, and they work as a team for the duration of the project's design and construction phases. The design build process creates better communication throughout the project, leading to turnkey project delivery, cost-saving decisions, and faster completion of construction. Design build construction is fast becoming the preferred method for homebuilders in Southern Utah because it allows us to build a robust and communicative relationship with our clients and saves both parties time and money.

residential design build contractor designs & builds a custom home in St. George, UT | Dennis Miller Homes

The Design Build Process

When you work with a residential design build firm to build your home, you work with a team of designers, architects, and a general contractor to make your dreams a reality. From the beginning, the designer, architects, and general contractor work together to understand your vision and point out challenges, cost-saving measures, and more feasible alternatives to ensure that your home plans are the best they can be.

The design build process also produces one contract and a single point of responsibility. Homeowners work with one team throughout the design and building process, creating a more collaborative and transparent process that benefits all parties.

In the past, design-bid-build has been the construction delivery standard. In this model, you work with a design team to create plans for a home. After your plans have been designed and completed, you put your project out for a bid and decide on a general contractor to construct them. You hire a contractor based on their proposal. Your contractor was not involved before submitting their bid, and they did not participate in the planning and thus have little say on any changes, even if they would be improvements or save money and time.

home build contractor near St. George, UT | house design build construction | Dennis Miller Homes

Advantages of Design Build Construction

Building your dream home can be a stressful experience and can be exacerbated when you need to work with a separate design team and general contractor. Design build construction ensures that you work with one team throughout your entire home-building process, and you don't sacrifice or lose your priorities and needs. You need only be concerned about one contract and a single point of contact throughout your experience - your design build team.

Our residential design build team works together to ensure planning and building meet your goals, whether architecture, energy efficiency, building materials, or home automation. Regardless of your dreams, the design-build delivery method saves money, time, and headache.

Design Build Contractors Save Money

Home design build projects establish a total budget based on your initial budget. Setting the budget upfront lets each party know the maximum amount to spend and removes last-minute or added surprises and cost estimating. The initial project may seem more expensive upfront, but there is more flexibility throughout the project for cost-saving methods and decisions. Research shows that design-build projects are better able to stay within budget than the traditional design-bid-build.

The Design Build Process is Faster

Because you eliminate the bidding process and the creation and management of multiple contracts, design build homes are finished faster than their traditional counterparts without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Additionally, when the design team and contractor work together, the design and building process is smoother, project scheduling is simplified, and construction can begin sooner.

Design Build Projects Are Less Risky and Have Fewer Mistakes

Design build firms have fantastic client reviews and successful projects because everyone is on the same team working for the same project goal. Design build projects are more conducive to communication, collaboration, and teamwork, which improves the overall project experience and leads to less risk and fewer mistakes. For clients, having a single point of contact for the entire project is helpful and reassuring. It allows clients and contractors to create a relationship of trust and increased accountability.

Choosing a Design Build Contractor

Finding a design build contractor with an experienced and collaborative team that is organized, prepared, and ready to answer your questions and begin your project is crucial. Successful design build firms are good communicators and listen and clearly explain methods and procedures. When you choose a design-build contractor, make sure there is potential for a strong working relationship. 

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Evaluate Design Build Contractors' Portfolios and References

Take the time to look through the design build company's portfolio, including photos and descriptions. If possible, tour their recent builds or visit their showroom. Take the time to read reviews and feedback from other clients. If they were referred to you by a friend, ask specific questions about their likes and dislikes about their experience, and seek out opinions and recommendations from others you trust.

Compare Quotes from Residential Home Contractors

As you build the home of your dreams, you will want to get quotes from a few different contractors. Each quote should generally break down as follows:

When you compare quotes, make sure that each section includes all costs. Remember that if you compare design-build quotes to design-bid-build quotes, the latter may have many hidden costs and a longer timeline.

Examples of Design Build Homes in Southern Utah

Design build homes can help your dreams become a reality. You are not confined to a design-bidding process that may force you to cut elements that are important to you. Instead, your design build team works with you from the outset to incorporate what you want into your dream home.

Soaring to New Heights in St. George, Utah

In this unique, custom build, the homeowners wanted to incorporate a climbing wall in their main living area. This rock wall became a focus for the home's design and blended into other design elements inside and outside. The design build process allowed homeowners to integrate their dreams of a rock wall, swimming pool, and open concept without sacrificing style or functionality. 

Unparalleled Views in Hurricane, Utah

This custom build focused on the lot's beautiful views and surrounding scenery. The design build process meant that the homeowners worked closely with the designers and contractors to ensure that windows and view lines were not compromised during the design and construction process and a sustainable design was created.

Exceptional Quality in Ivins, Utah

This home design-build project allowed homeowners to request and receive quality interior design and exterior finishes without sacrificing their budget. Superior home design construction is internal and external, and the design build team incorporated stunning landscape design.

Choose the Best Design Build Company in Utah

For homeowners looking to build a new home, you can save time, money, and hassle when you choose design-build for your next home construction project. Choose a design build company you can trust. For over 35 years, Dennis Miller Homes have placed honesty, communication, and genuine care into their outstanding design-build construction company in Southern Utah. Dennis Miller Homes are one of the best design build companies in Southern Utah. Offering custom home plans and an exceptional home-building experience in St. George, UT, Ivins, UT, and Hurricane, UT. Contact us today to learn more about our design-build services. 


Design build contractors offer many benefits for clients looking for a one-stop solution for their construction projects. From streamlined communication to cost savings and improved quality control, design build contractors can simplify the construction process and deliver a high-quality end product.

Has Southern Utah stolen your heart? Or are you a long-time resident looking to build your dream home finally? This part of the state is truly a magical place to call home. That’s why it’s only fitting to have a home that matches the beauty and awe of Southern Utah’s natural surroundings

At Dennis Miller Homes, we design and build custom homes across Southern Utah and know the towns that make up our corner of the state very well. If you’re still deciding where to build your custom Utah home, we can help! Below, we introduce five of the communities we build in most frequently, to help you decide which may be right for you.

Top Five Communities in Southern Utah:

St. George, UT | Top 5 Places To Build a Custom Home in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes
St. George, Utah

St. George, UT

St. George is the county seat of Washington County and the largest city in Southern Utah. At just over 90,000 residents, it’s a city that offers plenty of amenities while maintaining a smaller, local vibe. Close to Zion National Park, several state parks, and just 118 miles northeast of Las Vegas, St. George is a city that offers plenty to do on weekends. Traditionally, many northern Utahns escape to St. George in the winter months, but the city has recently seen rapid growth in the number of full-time residents moving from both in and out of state.

If you’re looking to build a custom home in Southern Utah, it’s hard to beat St. George as the ideal location. With new housing developments popping up in every direction — including St. George golf communities and St. George gated communities — it’s easy to find the type of neighborhood you’re looking for.

Cedar City, UT | Top 5 Places To Build a Custom Home in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes
Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City, UT

Cedar City is just north of St. George on Interstate 15 and is the largest city in Iron County, Utah with just over 28,000 residents. While significantly smaller than St. George, Cedar City still has a lot to offer; it’s home to Southern Utah University and the Utah Shakespeare Festival and is close to state parks, national forests, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Cedar City's small-town size is ideal for those wanting a slower pace of life. Whether you’re looking to retire or work from home, building a custom home in Cedar City can be a great way to put down roots in a community where it’s easier to get to know your neighbors. While Cedar City is relatively small, it hasn’t been immune to Utah’s rapid population growth; Cedar City grew by over 5% since the most recent census, and continues to be a location more Utahns are adding to their list when considering a move to Southern Utah.

Hurricane, UT | Top 5 Places To Build a Custom Home in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes
Hurricane, Utah

Hurricane, UT

18 miles northeast of St. George you’ll find Hurricane, Utah. Moments from multiple golf courses, trailheads, and Sand Hollow State Park — and the closest city on our list to Zion National Park — Hurricane is perfect for active homeowners who want to embrace all the recreation opportunities Southern Utah has to offer. Hurricane is a small town of just 20,000 residents, many of whom are part-time.

For those interested in building a custom home in Hurricane, the sky is the limit. Plenty of new housing developments are underway in this area of Southern Utah, including communities with amenities such as golf access, outdoor pools, walking trails, and more.

Washington, UT | Top 5 Places To Build a Custom Home in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes
Washington, Utah

Washington, UT

Washington is a true suburb community of St. George; it lies just five miles northeast of Interstate 15. Many people searching for new home developments in St. George continue their search in Washington, as the two communities are closely connected. With plenty of shops and restaurants, Washington offers convenient living that makes everyday life easy. Boasting a population of over 31,000 residents, Washington is the second-largest city on our list.

Building a home in Washington, Utah is an excellent investment, as this community continues to grow alongside St. George. With plenty of golf courses and new shopping developments, a custom home in Washington can be close to whatever matters most to you.

Ivins, UT | Top 5 Places To Build a Custom Home in Southern Utah | Dennis Miller Homes
Ivins, Utah

Ivins, UT

20 minutes northwest of St. George lies Ivins, Utah. Home to beautiful resorts, moments from Snow Canyon State Park, and home to the Tuacahan Center for the Arts, Ivins is a town that offers true resort-style living. Ivins is a great place for those interested in outdoor activities and cultural or art events. Ivins is also the city closest to Las Vegas, offering an even faster route for a quick weekend getaway. At 9,500 residents, Ivins is the smallest city on our list, making it easier to find a quiet lot.

Custom homes in Ivins are large, beautiful, and relatively common. If a larger and fully custom home is what you’re hoping for, Ivins can be a great setting for it.

So, How Do You Choose?

Suppose Southern Utah is where you’d like to put down roots, hopefully, one or more of these locations resonated with you and your lifestyle. If you’re looking for more restaurants, shops, and neighbors, choose bustling St. George. Washington is perfect for you if you’re looking for proximity to St. George but want a bit more space. If quick access to outdoor recreation is your top priority, choose Ivins or Hurricane. And if you’d like to be just a bit further north and away from seasonal visitors, Cedar City could be the best option.

Whichever Corner of Southern Utah You Choose, Choose Dennis Miller as Your Experienced Home Builder

We are more than a construction company; we’re a partner in your home-building journey. Our team is proud to call Southern Utah home and we enjoy helping our clients do the same! Contact us early in your homebuilding journey; we can help you learn more about the housing communities and new housing developments in some of Southern Utah’s most popular cities, connect you with trusted real estate professionals and start designing your home with our in-house architects and designers. Learn more about our unique homebuilding process or connect with our team today.

In step 1 of our preliminary process mini-series, we talked about certain things to consider when choosing a building site. We explained the importance of that critical step and how a building lot provides a foundation for designing a home. In today’s article we talk about the next step of the process; arguably our favorite. At this point, we get the creative juices flowing and start dreaming. We call this step The Creation Process.

The Creation Process is designed for brainstorming and dreaming. This process can be done on your own, or together with us as we give input. We’re dreamers at heart, so we love to hear what types of things prospective clients have always yearned for in a home. However, even if a person has been planning the details of their home for years, when they hear the question, “What would you like in your new home?” almost everyone starts to draw blanks.

Because thinking about every facet of your home can be overwhelming, we broke this process down into three different categories: Lifestyle, Features, and Style. Going about the Creation Process while keeping these components in mind will bring organization and clarity to the endeavor.


Thinking about lifestyle is a perfect starting point. Some people start with features only to realize that they have unnecessary features or that they forgot certain features they really need. We feel it better to start with thinking about your lifestyle and then place the features in a way that will support that lifestyle. Questions you should ask yourself at this point of the creation process include: Do I need space for entertaining? Do I want the main gathering space for my family to be in a great room near the kitchen or in a separate family room? Do I plan to have visitors often who would appreciate their own suite? Do I want more space in the house, or more space in the yard? Asking questions like these help you figure out what is really important to you. It will ensure that your home is perfectly functional and that you are utilizing the space you call home.


As you brainstorm about lifestyle, you’ll notice that the next step, which is to focus on features, will come naturally. If you have decided you need space for entertaining, then more than likely you are going to want a dining space and a large kitchen island or bar. If you want to enjoy St. George sunsets, you’ll probably want a covered patio. Is a jacuzzi tub or fireplace in the master suite something you can’t live without? Do you want your kids to enjoy a pool in the backyard? Some people feel that it is helpful to look at other floor plans to get their wheels turning. Don’t worry about missing certain aspects, we will be sure to bring features to your attention that you may not have considered.


Once you have thought about your lifestyle and the features you want to include in your home, the last thing to go over is style. What do you want those features to look like? This is where your home will start to reflect your personality and creative taste. Do you want your home to look modern? Maybe you like the cozy and inviting feel of french country. Do you want your house to take on the trendy craftsman-style look? Whatever style you choose, we have a team of professionals that are sure to bring all of the components of your home together so that it looks aesthetically flawless.

Some other styles you might consider include the following: Ancient ModernAdobe SouthwestTuscan, and Industrial.

Remember that the creation process is a time to have fun. Try not to get overwhelmed. Reserve judgments on your dreaming. Let the ideas run free. Many people are surprised on the amount of things they can include in their home. As was mentioned above, we love this step in the building process because we get to have fun with our clients. One of the reasons a person chooses to build a home as opposed to buy a home is so they experience this creation process. Make sure you enjoy yours.

What are you waiting for? Design Your Custom Home Today!

-House at a Glance-

Location: Custom Home in Dunes at Sand Hollow, Hurricane
Finished Size: 5,536 Square Feet
Garage: 944 Square Feet
Layout: Five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms
Status: Pre-Sold

Modern St. George custom home in Southern Utah

Custom bathroom in St. George home by home builders DMH Master bedroom in custom home in Southern Utah - DMH home builders in St. George Kitchen with pendant lights and marble countertops in southern Utah custom home by St. George custom home builders DMH View of red rock in St. George designed by Southern Utah custom home builders DMH Furnished kitchen with wood floor in custom home in Southern Utah Desert living room in custom home in St. George by custom home builder in Southern Utah southern utah custom kitchen by St. George home builders DMH modern kitchen with wood floor & pendant lights in southern utah custom home